Besides offering psychotherapy and supervision, I also direct self-revelatory performances for students to fulfill their program requirements and beyond, as well as for clients' self-exploration and personal growth.  This work is particularly indicated for artists and creative persons who wish to confront, or side-step, their inner critics while loosening the strictures of the purely rational mind.   I am trained as a Drama Therapist and use role, story and metaphor to inform this exploration.
I rely on a client-centered mentoring approach, with an emphasis on beginner's mind, to help psychology students explore their path and access their personal potential as they embark on their new role of therapist.   Sandtray is also essential in my work and I have a collection in both my offices (San Francisco and Marin).

I am an alumna of the Drama Therapy Program (1991-94) and have a deep passion for Self-Revs. I am dedicated to the aesthetics of art, as well as its capacity to mirror the soul.   My goal is to follow and guide the student to their own creation.  I use drama therapy techniques including, psychodrama, improvisation, storytelling and movement.  I am trained in somatics and work deeply in helping the student embody their story.  I am also trained as an Expressive Arts Therapist (I teach the EXA Clinical Practicum Supervision class at CIIS), and will use art, music and dance to help birth a story. I work as your guide, container, witness and confidante.  For those who do not yet know how to begin (which is very common at first) I offer… my excitement in working from the path of the “hero/heroine journey” as delineated by Joseph Campbell.  Call, departure, initiation, return…  As challenging as such a journey may appear, the process and the return are beautifully, magically, insightfully profound and well worth it. 

I have directed many Self-Revs over the years and I love working with students, helping the integration of their experience and their training as drama therapists.  I have a deep reverence for the metaphor, myth, magic and the unconscious. I was a professional actress in N.Y. years ago and love the theatre.  I also work with sandtray and have a collection in both my offices (San Francisco and Marin).  My rates are reasonable.  I offer a free half-hour interview session.