1/29/21 – Dark and the light / Pain and delight 


 This is the place of the paradox of it all   

The moon and the sun teach us everyday

And yet we still crave the one to bring in the most joy.

No, the joy sits in the crevasses of Mother Moon holding 

all the delight in her brilliant glow

and the night's darkness frames our awareness.  


Our awareness to be awaken with the sense of just what is

As we yearn for the blessing.

The awareness of the way the relationship exists between the two dancers in  harmony... prancing like magical elves on slated rooftops

peaking in the windows of remembrance.


Tiny feet do unique steps of well-trained moves, no longer two left feet.  Time to listen

Sway with the other

in the rhythm of the moment of pain and delight. 

Left and right in sync... belonging… belonging...... becoming  the DANCE

Yes, the dance!

One-sided, it is flat... dull... needs the vigor of the pain of the unknown, the vibrato. 

Take the risk... put on the new dancing shoes

polished with the dew of adventure and unexpectedness,

On one side only, the body weakens… out of alignment... the love bird lost the song to sing to the other. 

Yes, the other!  befriend the turmoil and sadness


Welcome the black crow in the gnarls of the forgotten, the not seen parts of the soul.  

Awaken the melody of wholeness... so sweet with the shadings of worn sorrow and rage. 

Allow opening to clear light and delight so pure and simple 

Blessing blessing... eyes open to see backs arched to hold the swirls and twirling images 

of troubadours looking for their mandolin of weeping tears to polish the rooftops

with glistening colors of blackened memories.