I see Art as the thread of life

lacing in and out of our web.

Art catches us as we enter into the wading pool of creativity

My art is a process... No plan ....

a dance of not-knowing

"The paint paints the picture" Pablo Picasso

A moment when the world fades off and the creative source rises and drops off a color

a line a shape a texture

a puddle of inner dreams to sing or cry:

Here I am! 


So are you!

Open Studio - December 5, 2021

The paintings below are available for purchase in various sizes prints, with your choice of:

  • canvas
  • 2-mm thick metal prints

(Consult Price List here)

The Green Door


Path to the Garden

Blue Gaby

La Lune

Red Bird

Liquid Gold


Blue Moon



Purple Moon

Black Moon


Blue dream